Thursday, 5 August 2010

Reflection On Past Animations

Below is an animation I did in late September 2009, the reason I'm posting it here is cause its not featured on my YouTube channel because of a flag report I got (I don't know why). Anyway its a charming, short animation that won as best student animation in Stoke Your Fires back in January 2010. Its based on a Victorian poem called "Two Dead Boys" which was written in nonsense verse (makes no sense). This was the first animation I did that also stared a professional voice actress who read the poem for me to animate over. Susan Winder is a very talented voice artist, singer and lecturer who is internationally famous for doing the voice overs for the classic M&S adverts ("This isn't just any food, this is M&S quality food). The animation itself was shot from above using a rig and looked down on to panels of glass which the plasticine characters were animated on. The scenery was a collection of calligraphy drawings I did which were then cut out and glued onto the bottom glass panel. There were three glass panels all together, the bottom for scenery, the middle for other characters and the top for main characters. Filming time took around two weeks and was captured with a JVC 4 mega pixel camera. My reason for doing this animation was to make sense of nonsense.

You can view my latest work on my youtube channel:

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Hello All,

Just got the blog and well, its all new to me! Its here I'll be posting up recent or even random updates on my work in the studio and other projects involving animation.

Below are is a short that I'd like to showcase on the blog.
First ones my newest, "The Demonic Furby"  is a mature animated comedy I worked on for half a month and is based on the recordings of "Nothing But Crotchety". The audio track belongs to them, so its not entirely original, but my sole reason for doing it was to practise my lip-sync. My original concept however was to do it in live action with a real Furby toy and have an animated head, but this proved to be to complex. Anyway, the entire set was hand made from wood, plastic and any other materials I could get my hands on! The guy is made from plasticine with a wire armature inside to support his arms. The huge head is supported by a rig I had to stuff through the back of his neck and his equally huge hands also have wire frames inside. The Furby however was 100% plasticine and only needed a rig to support him jumping around. Yes! its not perfect, my one irritation is lighting that keeps flickering! Enjoy anyway, and keep an eye out for the two parodies of classic horror films imitated by the Furby.

You can also view this video on my youtube channel: